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Major Surgery 

An assistance company in Geneva received a call for blood from one of its members. As the patient was to undergo major surgery and the assistance company could not supply blood, a BCF courier took the blood to Athens the same day.

The blood was used in the operation and the patient made a full recovery.


A British National Requires A Negative Blood 

A British national, suffering from cellulitis and gastrointestinal bleeding, required A Negative blood. As none was available locally, a BCF courier took the blood to Manila.

All six units were transfused; the patient made a good recovery and was then able to return to the UK by scheduled flight for further treatment.


Student falls off 7th floor balcony 

A student fell off the 7th floor balcony of his hotel in Mexico City and suffered multiple injuries including two broken legs, a broken lower back and crushed internal organs. As the patient required O Negative blood and the hospital had only two units available, BCF provided an additional 12 units, which a courier delivered just ten hours after the request was received.

After several months in hospital, the patient made a good recovery.


Road Traffic Accident 

A member of the Blood Care Programme in Nigeria was badly injured in a road traffic accident and required amputation of her left leg. As the hospital had no blood available, BCF provided four units.

The operation was successful and the patient made a good recovery.


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