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Rabies Virus

The Blood Care Foundation introduced its rabies programme in association with the Royal Free Travel Health Centre of UCL Medical School.

With the invaluable assistance and experience of the Royal Free Travel Centre based at the Royal Free Hospital in London, and its Medical Director, Dr Jane Zuckerman, the Foundation put in place a procedure for the delivery of Human Rabies Immunoglobulin (HRIg) and/or rabies vaccine to people travelling who may have been in contact with a rabid animal.

Most people just associate rabies with dog bites, but it can be caught from any mammal, such as bats, cats and monkeys. Neither does it have to be a bite; just a scratch that breaks the surface of contact with any open wound could lead to infection.

Access to our rabies service is available to all corporate and individual members. Should an individual be exposed to rabies from an animal wound, the Foundation will assess the needs of the patient and despatch the necessary HRIg and/or vaccine to the treating doctor by the most efficient means.

Please Contact Us for more information.

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